About the Shiba Inu


The Shiba Inu is an independent and strong-willed breed of dog.   It  is not as domesticated socially as some other breeds might be, so can be somewhat aloof around strangers if not socialized.  The Shiba retains a spirited nature and has high regard for itself. 

Training classes are a must! A Shiba will respond well to incentive training, learning that if there is something to gain from a task, be it food, toys or praise, they will do it.   Even with the best training they are never to be trusted off-leash outside of the home unless in a fenced area. The instinct to hunt and chase is strongly embedded in this breed as they were used as hunting dogs in Japan.  Even with the most mellow of Shibas the sight of a running rabbit, to them is prey and an open door, an invitation to escape.   The Shiba Inu is usually very good with children but does not tolerate mistreatment. Being quite smart they  learn quickly to  get their own way when allowed.   Shiba owners need to be leaders of their pack!

Shibas can be excellent house dogs.  If raised properly from birth by its breeder a Shiba pup will be meticulously clean so potty trains fairly easy and in some cases, the dog will housebreaks itself.


The Shiba Inu is a hardy breed and will adapt to its living circumstances. It will be fine in an apartment if it is exercised moderately, but it does best with a yard.  If left unsupervised a bored Shiba will get into trouble.  It is important to supply toys and chews when being left alone.  Crate training is always a good idea for young Shibas. In a yard, a Shiba may learn to dig out or climb fences so supervision is a must. 

The endurance of the Shiba Inu is exceptional, so it will do well on long walks and its all-weather coat protects it from cold weather. 

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Although not the breed for everyone a Shiba Inu is a fun and entertaining companion for those owners with a good sense of humor to laugh at the antics of this beautiful dog.  There are top honored Shibas performing in obedience, rally and agility and many are outstanding as therapy dogs in many different situations including being ‘reader’ dogs for children.  With love, training and understanding of the breeds natural character,  the  prospects for achievement are endless for this unique breed.

The Shiba Inu is a seasonally heavy shedder, and requires brushing two or three times a week during these times but in-between shedding is very easy to care for. Bathing is only needed when absolutely necessary as the coat repels dirt and has very little, if any offensive odor.

Hair from a grooming session with a black and tan Shiba.