“Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu”
  “Wisconsin Shiba Inu Breeder”

Devoted to the promotion, protection and preservation of the Japanese Shiba Inu



Est: 1991 A Wisconsin breeder of Merit 

Members of: 
The National Shiba Club of America “US”
Nihon Ken Hozanki “Japan”
Badger Kennel Club “All breed club”

 We endorse only the American Kennel Club Registry in the “US” 

Inquiries may be directed to the following for further information about the breed and possible availability of retired shows dogs or puppies: 

Roger & Patricia Doescher,         hi_jinx@itis.com
Black Earth, WIsconsin


 Reds, sesames and our speciality, the ultimate black and tan Shiba Inu

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